14 Profound Things Jesus Said About Prayer

Do you know anyone who could teach a better prayer seminar than Jesus—the Son of God Himself?

Look at these powerful things Jesus taught about prayer:

  • He said we should pray for our enemies—Matthew 5:44.
  • He taught that our praying should be sincere, not hypocritical—Matthew 6:5 & Mark 12:40 (Luke 20:47).
  • He told us that praying in secret is powerful—Matthew 6:6.
  • He said that our prayers don’t have to be long, babbling prayers to be heard—Matthew 6:7
  • He gave us an example of simple, powerful praying—Matthew 6:9-15 & Luke 11:1-4.
  • He taught that persistence is the key to answered prayers—Matthew 7:7-12 plus Luke 11:5-13 & 18:18-20.jesus-praying
  • He told us to pray for more workers to harvest lost souls—Matthew 9:35-38 & Luke 10:1-2.
  • He said unity in prayer brings great power—Matthew 18:18-20.
  • He said His church is to be a ‘house of prayer’—Matthew 21:12-13 & Mark 11:15-17 plus Luke 19:45-46.
  • He said prayer from the right heart will get answered—Luke 18:9-14.
  • He said we win spiritual battles in prayer—Mark 9:28-29.
  • He told us that faith is a key to answered prayer—Mark 11:24 & Matthew 21:22.
  • He taught that we must forgive others as we pray—Mark 11:25.
  • He said praying in His Name is the key to powerful results—John 14:13-14; John 15:7, 16 and John 16:23-27

Have you experienced any prayer answers that came from one of these principles?

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