What Makes Life Truly Worth Living?

What kind of life is truly worth living?

A life with the long-range in mind.

Notice what Jesus promised his disciples who’d be faithful to the end—those he calls the “overcomers”:

· The right to eat from the Tree of Life in God’s Paradise, forever. (Rev. 2:7)

· The Crown of Life, and escape from the “second death”. Rev. 2:10-11)

· The Hidden (secret) Manna & a white stone with your new heavenly name written on it. (Rev. 2:17)

· The authority to rule over the nations with  the Morning Star (Jesus). (Rev. 2:26-28 & 22:16)

· The right walk with Jesus dressed in heavenly white, your name permanently in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and to have Jesus call you by name in front of the Father and the angels. (Rev. 3:4-5)

· The permanent position as a pillar in the Temple of God, the right to wear God’s name and the name of the New Jerusalem, and a new name given by Jesus himself. (Rev. 3:12)

· The right to sit with Jesus on his throne  next to the Father. (Rev. 3:21)

            “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Rev. 3:22)

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