Was this our best Prayer Workshop yet?

I guess you’d expect us to brag on our 22nd Annual Prayer Workshop this year. Right?
Yes—but this one was special.

First of all, the speakers did an excellent job, especially Dave Butts as he taught us so much about our goal of becoming a ‘House of Prayer’. You can get more info about Dave’s seminars at his ministry website – HarvestPrayer.com. I highly recommend his prayer seminars.

And our guests enthusiastically told me how much this WorkshPEW 2015 crowd shotop means to them. Many of them make the trip each year to hear exceptional speakers, pray together and network with others who are praying for spiritual revival in this broken world.

As for the figures, we had six states represented—Arkansas, Connecticut, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Sunday’s service, which included our 50th Homecoming, was the highest Sunday morning attendance we’ve had since 2007.
So thanks to all the wonderful servants who helped put this Workshop among the top events we’ve ever had!

You can see more at our church website or at our Facebook page.

Hope to see you all next year!

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