Is the spirit of prayer caught or taught?

Prayer’s one of those activities we ought to be enthusiastic about, but few are.

Given the awesome potential of prayer, and the millions of testimonies about prayer’s effectiveness, wouldn’t it be worth it to find out how to motivate more authentic prayer?

How does this enthusiasm, this “spirit of prayer” come? Can it be taught or is it a natural grace given by God?PEWBroc09Cover

One interesting Bible example solves the issue and gives some guidance. Once when Jesus was praying, one of his disciples noticed something fascinating about his praying. Something (we don’t know exactly what) triggered the statement – “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”(Luke 11:1 NIV).

Here you have both – a disciple catching the spirit of prayer from Jesus, and the Master honoring his request for specific teaching on how to pray.

Most people can cry out in a crisis, but to pray with regular and intense success eludes most of us. That’s why prayer must be taught, at least if you want to pray effectively.

That’s why we host annual Prayer Enrichment Workshops here at Calhoun Church. Starting tomorrow (September 11, 2009) we’ll have nearly three days of prayer training from some of the most experienced teachers we could find.

Check out the following link and join us for this life-changing event:

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