What is ‘revival’ and why do so many pray for it to happen?

Revival. What is it?

            To ‘revive’ something or someone (like a drowning swimmer) means to bring life back into a dying situation.

            So, what would spiritual revival do for a Christian?

            It would bring back your excitement, enthusiasm, and the commitment of those earlier days right after being born again.

            The world doesn’t need revival, it needs salvation.

            But the church (or believer) that has fallen into apathy, spiritual laziness, and coldness of heart needs revival.

            The church at Laodicea (Rev. 3:14-22) had become lukewarm and self-reliant, so Jesus counseled them to rely completely on Him instead of themselves. This would break the apathy and bring revival. He would “come in and eat” with them in a close fellowship.

            Revival is in Jesus, and constant prayer yields to His Lordship.

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