7 Great Prayers From The Bible

Sometimes my prayers come and go like variable breezes in spring. One day I’m praying faithfully, the next I just can’t make it happen. Why?

Well, here’s one thing I’m learning – reading about prayer keeps me interested and motivated. Especially reading prayers in the Bible. So, here are 7 great Bible prayers I’ve enjoyed reading and meditating:

  1. Abraham’s Prayer For SodomGenesis 18:20-33. This one is almost funny. Abraham hears God say He plans to destroy Sodom because of its intense wickedness, so he begins to tirelessly negotiate with God. Abraham won’t give up. It’s amazing that God sits still for this mortal to question Him about the planned judgment. Note how God takes man into His counsel and then makes a decision.
  2. Moses’ Prayer For Israel’s SurvivalExodus 32:7-14. After the famous golden calf incident, God had planned to destroy Israel and start over with Moses as the ‘new Abraham’. But Moses isn’t buying it. He intercedes fearlessly on behalf of his people, giving God reason after reason why He can’t destroy the covenant nation He created. This one will motivate you to stiffen your prayer muscles.
  3. Moses’ Prayer For God’s PresenceExodus 33:12 – 34:9. When Moses learned that God had decided not to go with Israel into the Promised Land (33:3), it so shocked him that he set out to change God’s mind. His touching prayers end in an amazing glimpse of God’s stunning glory.WhyGodWaitsCoverShadow
  4. Hannah’s Prayer For A Child1 Samuel 1:1-20. In a day when women found most of their identity in childbearing, Hannah desperately longed for a baby. She wanted to give her husband a child, but she also wanted to influence her nation’s history through her offspring. Watch how her intense pleading with God reached a breakthrough when she took her own selfishness out of the equation.
  5. King Jehoshaphat’s Prayer In A Crisis2 Chronicles 20:1-23. Faced with an invasion by a giant army of three partnering nations, Jehoshaphat immediately called a solemn assembly and the whole nation of Judah went into intense prayer and fasting. Receiving a prophetic message in their assembly, the king and his people marched out to the battle – with an amazing surprise ending.
  6. Jesus’ Prayer For His DisciplesJohn 17:1-26. Reading and meditating on this prayer is a life-long exercise. It is a simple prayer, but it’s as deep as you want to go. Jesus’ intercession for His disciples the night before His crucifixion reveals His Divine love for them… and for us. This is your chance to hear Jesus Himself pray aloud.
  7. The Church’s Prayer For BoldnessActs 4:23-31. Do you know any churches that need a little boldness? The ancient church, hunted down and persecuted by the authorities, came together and prayed with an intensity seldom seen. What they asked for is amazing… and so is the answer they received.

These prayers stir me up. And I think they’ll do the same for you.

Do you have other great prayers from the Bible that stir your prayer life?

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