Is Prayer An Illusion?

Is prayer an illusion? Some people think so. Here’s what they say to try and prove it:

  1. If you believers pray and something happens that you’ve asked for, you assume it’s God. But you can’t know that for sure. It might simply be coincidence.
  2. But, if you pray and don’t get what you asked for, you claim it was “God’s will” not to answer.
  3. So, whether you get what you asked for or not, you claim it’s all God’s will. If it’s all God’s will, then his will gets done whether you pray or not – so why pray?

Sounds logical, doesn’t it. But the problem is this – human logic can’t determine whether or not the experience of prayer is authentic.

I know that drives logical-scientific thinkers crazy. It seems as though I’m dodging the issue. But actually that is the issue.

One will never prove the authenticity of prayer by empirical evidence. The five senses aren’t capable of testing the reality of prayer.

Those who believe in prayer will bring up answers to prayer to prove their point, and those who don’t believe will point out failed prayers to prove theirs. It all ends in a stalemate.

This explains the gap between atheists and believers. The five senses are the bread & butter of scientific, secular-humanistic thinking, but those same fives senses can’t experience spiritual reality.

For example, there are frequencies that dogs can hear but humans can’t. Insects can see certain light waves that humans can’t. A man born blind can’t fully experience the sunset even though you describe it passionately.

Just as you can’t receive TV broadcasts on a chain saw, or hear a radio station on a crescent wrench, true spiritual reality can’t be experienced with the five senses.

To experience the spiritual reality of prayer, one must switch frequencies… from empirical thinking to faith. Faith is the other frequency by which humans know things. We know things pertaining to life on this planet by the five senses, but we know spiritual things by revelation. And revelation comes in relationship.

And a relationship with God begins in prayer.

“Take it from me: Unless a person is born from above, it’s not possible to see what I’m pointing to – to God’s kingdom.” -Jesus (John 3:3 MSG)

Do you think there’s a difference between “religious” prayers based on the five senses, and “born again” prayers grounded in spiritual experience?

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