Ways Praying People Stay Connected

Here are some great ways I’ve found to stay connected to praying people:

  • WeArePrayingForYou.com This new social networking site is devoted specifically to prayer and to connecting intercessors together. Just launched recently, the site is beginning now to grow. It’s worth your while to take a look at it.
  • Harvest Prayer Ministries provides teaching and training in corporate prayer, motivating churches and groups to become “houses of prayer”. The ministry also has an online bookstore with almost every title about prayer.
  • Pray Magazine has been around about a decade, and is now primarily an online publication. Has great articles and resources concerning prayer.
  • Church Prayer Leaders Network links intercessors and prayer leaders in local churches to each other, and to helpful resources. Their main task is to network praying people in local churches together.
  • National Day of Prayer Task Force. This organization is the official group that heads up the special day of prayer for our nation each year.
  • Community Prayer Partners is a local group for Northeast Louisiana, but its principles and strategy can be applied anywhere – networking churches of all denominations to pray for spiritual revival for our world.
  • CrossView Prayer Ministries is our local church’s effort to train and motivate God’s people worldwide to devote themselves to prayer.

Do you have any other ways you stay connected to praying people?

Let us know… and keep watching the comments where you’ll see more great ideas.


  1. I’ve found that Facebook has been a great resource for connecting with those that pray, too. Since I’ve been on friends have posted prayer concerns for themselves and family members, and several fantastic responses to prayers have already been seen.

    Another way that was interesting to me to stay connected is for a few months I was involved in an e-mail Bible study. One person (Denise McEwen) sent out a themed Scripture set to read each day. People would make comments on the passages. She would post everyone’s comments in the study and add prayer requests from the group. It was very inspirational for me. The members of the group were not from the same geographical area.

  2. Our birth into this world was a struggle. We are in the process of being born into another, and it definitely is not easy. and there’s no going back. We must keep our optimism (hope) until our faith kicks in. I hold on to the thought that God will complete in me the work that he started. The thousands of words and pictures from the Bible fill my head and heart and create a great cloud of energy which keep me moving inexorably forward.

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